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Legal Disclaimer: FileSearchBox does not host files for download. We are not responsible for copyrighted content found on other domains. We are not affiliated or partnered with Google in any way.

On FileSearchBox, you can search the entire web for every public-facing .PPT or .PPTX file available! That means that if a website offers a Powerpoint download without you needing to login or anything, then you can access it through this search engine.

It doesn’t matter how deep in a server someone uploaded their PPT. As long as Google can index those files, we then pull them from the Google index into a convenient filtered results page.

Think about the millions of Microsoft Powerpoint files people have spent hours working on, and it might start to dawn on you how sweet it is that you can access their work in the form of PPT files.

Have you ever wanted to learn about a topic, and a visual aid would help immensely?

Well I’ve seen amazing PPT files on almost every topic you can think of. Imagine if you had the collective presenting skills of every teacher, professor, and hobbiest in the country. That’s what you get with this Powerpoint search engine.

Let’s say you’re a student in a class wanting to really ace the test that year. Search for more PPT presentations on the exact class you’re in, and you’re likely to find an amazing amount of free study materials.

Technically yes, with the caveat that teachers may have uploaded their lecture to a server not knowing the search indexes could discover it. 

Likely the PPT is uploaded for the purpose of being shared, but occasionally that is not the case. At the very least, do not pretend you made the PPT or present it to other people unless otherwise given permission.

Since we’re using a Google Custom Search to find PPT files, we are beholden to whatever Google is allowing to happen on their search engine.

Let’s say you’re a teacher looking for a good Powerpoint presentation to give. This search engine can help you get ideas, but you should still make your own lectures and slides instead of copying them.

We didn’t stop at PPTs. This List contain all of the filetype search engines we’ve made. That list includes further presentation search types, but also we built search engines for spreadsheets (find datasets and lists completely free), and also PDFs and documents (find books and studies).

Is your bookmarks bar a cluttered mess of nonsense, or do you have actual useful tools on there?

Either way, having unlimited access to PPT files at your fingertips is a very useful too indeed.

To add this to your bookmarks bar, simply right click the bookmarks area in your browser, and click “add bookmark”. I’d recommend naming it “PPT Search Engine”.