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Legal Disclaimer: FileSearchBox does not host files for download. We are not responsible for copyrighted content found on other domains.

Why Google Drive Only?

Our original PDF search engine searches the web for results with the .pdf filetype attached. However, Google Drive downloads often do not include the filetype in the URL, so these files are not available in the original search engine.

That being said, there are millions of publicly shared PDFs on Google Drive, for all sorts of books, research, and other great finds.

In testing this PDF search engine, I’ve often had better luck finding what I want than the original!


Can I Use this Google Drive PDF Finder for Free Books?

Technically yes. People upload all sorts of free books in the form of PDFs to Google Drive. 

That being said, the author may not have given permission for the book to be shared on Google Drive.

Google Drive is hosting all of these PDFs, we are simply linking to Google Drive, so we bear no responsibility for hosting or spreading content we do not have rights to.

I would say, at a minimum, that you should not distribute any free books you find using this search engine unless the book says otherwise, or the author has given permission to do so.

Some countries may have different laws regarding this situation, so we do not recommend any course of action with PDFs you find on Google Drive.